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Max Perutz Science Writing Award

The Max Perutz Science Writing Award aims to encourage and recognise outstanding written communication among MRC PhD students. The annual competition challenges entrants to write an 800-word article for the general public answering the question: 'Why does my research matter?'.

The award is named after the eminent scientist and Nobel Laureate Dr Max Perutz, an accomplished and natural communicator who died in 2002. Since the competition began in 1998, hundreds of MRC researchers have submitted entries and taken their first steps in communicating their research to the public.

The winner, runner-up and commendations for the 2015 competition were announced at a ceremony in London on Thursday 22 October. 

The 2016 competition is now closed.

2015 shortlist

"If you can’t explain your PhD to a smart ten-year-old there’s a good chance you don’t understand it yourself." - Christoffer van Tulleken, 2014 winner


Video and audio conent about Max Pertuz and past winners.