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We support research across the entire spectrum of medical sciences,
in universities and hospitals, in our own units, centres and institutes in the UK,
and in our units in Africa.

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Bacteria use chemical harpoons to hold on tight to their hosts

2 June 2015

New research funded by the MRC and led by the University of St Andrews and the John Innes Centre reveals how Streptococcus pyogenes, the cause of a wide range of infections, use chemical harpoons to attach themselves to the body.

MRC launches new Cohort Directory

20 May 2015

A new online directory of the UK’s largest population cohorts has been created by the MRC to help researchers and policy-makers to find and use them more easily.

Paracetamol in pregnancy may lower testosterone in unborn boys

20 May 2015

Researchers at the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health say their findings could help to explain reported links between paracetamol use in pregnancy and reproductive health problems in young boys.

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