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Combination cell-gene therapy for lung cancer to be tested in UK patients

6 March 2015

A pioneering new combined cell-gene therapy to treat lung cancer will be tested in NHS patients this year, after receiving £2m of Biomedical Catalyst funding from the Medical Research Council (MRC).

New research into how young people learn about sex and relationships

5 March 2015

More young people than ever are getting most of their information about sexual matters from school, but the majority feel they are not getting all the information they need, and men in particular are missing out, according to new research published in BMJ Open.

New competition launched to celebrate the role of technology transfer professionals

27 February 2015

RCUK and PraxisUnico are working together to deliver a joint competition to reward and recognise knowledge exchange, technology transfer and commercialisation professionals who have excelled in enabling and facilitating the achievement of impact from the outcomes of research. 

FUNDING: Science areas

Researchers can apply for MRC grant funding at any time.


UK-Vietnam Infectious Diseases Workshop: Expressions of interest

The UK Medical Research Council and the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology will hold a joint call for research proposals in 2015, from 14 -16 April in Hanoi.

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