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UK-Thailand: Joint Health Research Call

To tackle important, evolving health priorities, key research funding partners in Thailand and the UK have worked together to support this new joint funding initiative, as part of the Newton Fund. Researchers planning to submit to this scheme are asked to submit an Expression of Interest by Friday, 1 May

Experimental medicine challenge grants: discovery science in humans

The Experimental Medicine Challenge Grants (EMCG) initiative supports ambitious programmes of research into disease pathophysiology, conducted in humans. The MRC seeks to generate new and deeper understanding of human disease mechanisms and identification of potential new therapeutic targets, so accelerating translation of basic science to impact on patient health.  

MRC / South African MRC / GSK: Joint call on Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa

Under the umbrella of the Newton Fund, the goal of this joint research programme is to promote collaboration between South African, African and British scientists. The call will focus on understanding Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa and will be partnered with GlaxoSmithKline and the South African Medical Research Council.

UK-Philippines: Joint Health Research Call

The UK Medical Research Council (MRC), and DOST – PCHRD Philippines Department of Science and Technology through Philippines Council for Health and Research Development invite applications to the UK-Philippines Joint Health Research Call. Researchers planning to submit to this scheme are asked to submit an Expression of Interest by Friday, 19 June