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We support research across the entire spectrum of medical sciences,
in universities and hospitals, in our own units, centres and institutes in the UK,
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The ‘yin and yang’ of malaria parasite development

9 July 2014

MRC funded researcher Dr Rita Tewari at the University of Nottingham has completed a ‘Herculean’ study into the phosphatases and kinases that control malaria parasite development. Image © Nottingham University

Who will binge-drink at age 16?

4 July 2014

An international collaboration of scientists leading the world’s largest longitudinal adolescent brain imaging study to date has learned that it is possible to predict teenage binge-drinking. 

Family snaps help doctors pinpoint rare genetic disorders

24 June 2014

Computer analysis of photographs could help doctors diagnose which condition a child with a rare genetic disorder has, say Oxford University researchers.

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