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Global roll-out of pneumococcal vaccine

8 December 2016

The WHO has pre-qualified Pfizer’s new four-dose, multi-dose vial presentation of pneumococcal vaccine, based on the results of a study conducted by MRC Unit The Gambia in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of The Gambia. 

Two year study finds no evidence that cleaner cookstoves reduces pneumonia in children

6 December 2016

The Cooking and Pneumonia Study (CAPS), funded by the MRC, Wellcome and DFID through the Joint Global Health Trials Scheme, finds no evidence that cleaner burning biomass fuelled cookstoves reduce the risk of pneumonia in young children in rural Malawi.

How can we measure the 'interdisciplinarity' of research?

5 December 2016

A report by Digital Science raises questions important to the production of better indicators of research activity. The study, sponsored by the Research Councils, and funded by the MRC, set out to compare the consistency of indicators often assumed to explain ‘interdisciplinarity’.  

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