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Professor Dame Sally MacIntyre


MRC bodies you are a member of:

  • Council


Main form of employment:

  • University of Glasgow


Research group/department web page/s:

  • None


Personal remuneration:

  • University of Glasgow (salary, and pension after retirement)
  • MRC (reimbursement of salary, deferred pension after retirement, honorarium for Council membership)


Shareholdings and financial interests in companies

  • None


Research income during current session [over £50k per grant]

  • MRC and Chief Scientist Office: Core Unit funding 2010 – 2015, and one grant


Major academic collaborators [national and international]

  • MRC Population Health Sciences Research Network
  • Professor Mark Petticrew, Public and Environmental Health Research Unit, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (research collaboration)
  • Dr David Ogilvie, MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge (research collaboration)
  • Dr Susan Jebb, MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit, Cambridge (research collaboration)


Un-remunerated involvement with and membership of medical, bio-medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare provision or science or health policy/communication and similar activities/organisations

  • NHS Health Scotland Policy Review on Inequalities in Health: Chair
  • CMO’s Expert Group on behavioural aspects of alcohol guidelines: Chair
  • UKCRC DECIPHer Centre, Cardiff: Chair of Scientific Advisory Board
  • RSE Inquiry into Reaping the Benefits of a Digital Scotland: Member
  • NIHR School of Public Health Research: Chair of Advisory Board
  • HEFCE Research Excellence Framework: Member of Unit of Assessment 2
  • Glasgow Centre for Population Health: Member of Board of Management
  • MRC Population Health Sciences Research Network: Member of Board
  • Fellow: Academy of Medical Sciences; Royal Society of Edinburgh; Royal Society of Medicine
  • Honorary Member: Society for Social Medicine


Political/pressure group associations:

  • None



  • None


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