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Website Accessibility

This website has been developed with accessibility and web standards in mind and incorporates features for alternative browsers and accessibility.

Access keys

We use the recommendations for Government websites:

  • Skip to Navigation: "s"
  • Accessibility Statement (this page): "0"
  • A-Z keywords: "z"
  • Sitemap: "3"

WAI compliance

This site is Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) single A compliant and is working toward AA compliance.

PDAs and older browsers

Older browsers (earlier than Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 6) will receive limited or no visual styling but will receive pure html. This allows the site to be used on many devices including PDAs, text browsers and alternative rendering agents such as phones.

Page readers and text browsers

The site has been developed for and tested on the text-based LYNX browser and the JAWS browser.

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