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Partnerships with Industry

Partnerships with Industry
Alignment with industry remains at the heart of the MRC's strategy and delivery plans and there is continued commitment to develop and sustain close and productive collaborations with companies in the UK.
Notable successes include the The Division of Signal Transduction Therapy (DSTT) (also called the Dundee Kinase Consortium) which has attracted more than £50 million in joint funding from five of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, the Mechanisms of disease Initiative, a game changing model of compound sharing between industry and academia and the continuing support of academic research from the life sciences industry, more than £100M in financial contribution since 2010. Exemplifying MRC's collaborative vision going forward, the newly formed Wellcome Trust/MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Instituteis positioned to take advantage of the rich opportunities in the Cambridge environment for collaboration with neighbouring research institutes, and small and large bio-industry.
The MRC has promoted partnerships with more than 500 companies, ranging from the large pharmaceutical companies to small and medium sized healthcare companies. To date, collaborative efforts have resulted in the development of 518 products and interventions, with 23 of these currently in wide-scale adoption.

Making Collaboration Work

  • Opportunities range from large, pre-competitive consortium-based research initiatives to one-to-one partnerships funded through MICA
  • In the last five years, 20% of MRC researchers have collaborated with the private sector
  • Creating flexible creative industry-facing initiatives
  • MRC-funded researchers are world-class
    • 29 Noble laureates
    • Work across all medical sciences and employ cutting edge technology and techniques.


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