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MRC podcasts are free to download, and include interviews with scientists and talks on a variety of research topics. You do not need an iPod to listen to them as they are MP3 audio files that can be played back on your computer or on any MP3 player. To save a podcast on your PC simply right-click on the link and select 'Save As', then transfer it to your portable player. You may also subscribe to MRC podcasts in Google Reader or My Yahoo.

SPHSU building Interview with Tony Peatfield, MRC Director of Corporate Affairs
10 June 2009, 7 mins
New MRC Director of Corporate Affairs Tony Peatfield talks about his time at the MRC.
SPHSU building Translating research into policy in Scotland
31 March 2009, 3 mins
MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit join representatives from NHS Health Scotland to help stimulate translation of scientific findings into government health policy.
Salamander MRC team wins prize for best Science paper
24 February 2009, 6 mins
Salamander limb regeneration funding wins best Science paper award.
DPFS Smoothing a path for translation
29 January 2009, 7 mins
DPFS portfolios: Smoothing a path for translation podcast with Chris Watkins and Professor Bevan. (transcript)
Stem cells Professor Michael Schneider talks stem cells
17 December 2008, 6 minutes
MRC Council member Professor Michael Schneider describes the different branches of stem cell research. (transcript)
Stem cells Stem cell dialogue: Professor Chris Mason
17 December 2008, 6 minutes
Professor Chris Mason comments on the results of the BBSRC/MRC stem cell public dialogue. (transcript)
Sir Leszek Borysiewicz Sir Leszek Borysiewicz: a year at the helm
28 October 2008, 10 minutes
Sir Leszek Borysiewicz discusses the changes to the MRC since he took the helm a year ago.
Oracle children study The difficult findings of the Oracle Children Study
9 October 2008, 10 minutes
Sara Kenyon discusses what happens when you donít find the benefits you were hoping to find at the end of a trial. (transcript)
MRC Annual Review MRC Annual Review 07/08
9 October 2008, 5 minutes
MRC Annual Review: people talk about their experiences of medical research. (transcript)
Science poster MRC student wins prize in science poster competition
1 October 2008, 3 minutes
An MRC-funded PhD student wins top award in the British Association for the Advancement of Science poster competition. (transcript)
PEN event Writers join scientists for creative conversation
23 July 2008, 25 minutes
Scientists and fiction writers came together in an extraordinary discussion to explore their passion for discovery.

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