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Medical research delivers benefits across the whole spectrum of society, from its primary aim of improving human health to creating a skilled workforce, growing innovative businesses and generating inward investment for the UK. For 100 years, the MRC has been transforming medical research, supporting work that has improved human health and changed lives by delivering economic, academic and societal impact. This is in line with the MRC’s Strategic Plan, which drives progress in support of the MRC’s mission to improve human health through world-class research. The benefits of MRC research have both a national and global impact; from advancing stem cell research to potentially combat brain and heart diseases, treating infections in Africa and making improvements in the design of tests for treatments.


To capture and measure the achievements and impact of MRC research, the MRC uses Researchfish (formerly MRC e-Val), an online system developed by the MRC with the research community. This not only helps us to evaluate our work, ensuring the science we fund is of the highest quality, but enables us to measure the benefits our research brings to people's health and society – whether through inventing new medicines, changing clinical practice, influencing policy, creating wealth or improving our basic understanding of the human body. The following pages provide a snapshot of some of the MRC’s achievements and impacts, from those collected directly from researchers completing Researchfish, to wider impact stories and profiles of some of our most distinguished scientists.