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SSR: Biological Policies and Guidance

The page below lists all MRC corporate Safety, Security and Resilience Policy and Guidance notes in relation to Biological hazards.




This is a revised document that replaces the 2003/05 policy and guidance. The new document draws attention to the possible allergenic hazards associated with working with insects and provides guidance on best practice. Additional information is also included when considering food sources as possible sensitisers. All documents are in PDF format. Please remove all previous versions from your records.


  • Allergy (Policy and Guidance document. January 2009)


Reproductive Hazards, Carcinogens and Mutagens

This document is a substantially revised and expanded version of the previous policy and guidance issued in 2001.



Working with Biological Agents

Work with biological material represents a significant proportion of the current MRC research programme. The document provides guidance for management of the work as well as covering specific areas of work. Details are also provided for key equipment and procedures. Each unit working with biological material has been sent one complete hard copy. Further copies, either of complete text or, where more appropriate, selected guidance notes, can be printed from the pdf files.


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