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MRC Strategic Plan 2009-2014

Research Changes Lives: MRC Strategic Plan 2009-2014

Research changes lives is the MRC’s strategic plan for 2009 – 2014. The strategy defines the MRC’s distinctive role in contributing to faster and more effective ways for medical research to flourish at all stages – from working to understand fundamental science without having specific health questions in mind to tackling some of the most pressing health issues facing society.

In preparing this strategy, the MRC engaged in conversation with its major stakeholder groups to review and evaluate its strategic direction. The MRC’s Council, Strategy Board, its research boards and overview groups reflected on how the MRC can be best positioned to deliver its mission to policy-makers, the general public and the healthcare, life science, devices and medical engineering sectors. The MRC strategic plan is also available in PDF format.

The 2009-2014 MRC Strategic Plan, set out in this section, takes the theme of Research Changes Lives, emphasising the impact that world-class research has on improving the health and wellbeing of society. Research Changes Lives sets the path for delivering better health and wellbeing through developing prevention interventions, new treatments for diseases, producing well-founded policy guidance for research governance and ethics, and maintaining excellence in the basic research that underpins these activities.

These strategic aims, set out in more detail in the above sections, explain how the strategy will drive progress in support of the MRC’s mission, and deliver measurable impact of the outcomes of research. Each aim follows a hierarchical structure, with objectives to outline the goal, information about the current situation, the future desired scenario and an explanation of how we will reach this goal.