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Head Office


Our head office is split between two locations:


Switch board for both locations
01793 416200


Medical Research Council
14th Floor
One Kemble Street
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Medical Research Council
2nd Floor David Phillips Building
Polaris House
North Star Avenue
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Please visit the Institutes, Units and Centres section for descriptions, names and contact details for other MRC funded research organisations.



If you know the name of the person you wish to contact, addresses for personnel at head office are in the format of:


Funding and grant holder enquiries


Research funding, policy, eligibility, Grant Maintenance enquiries and general non-scientific enquiries

Research Funding Policy and Delivery (RFPD).
01793 416440


Fellowship eligibility enquiries and queries regarding the scientific aspect of your research proposal


Research Board grant proposal scientific contacts - Including New Investigator Research Grant, Partnership Grants, Programme Grants and Research Grants

Infections and Immunity Board (IIB) Science Contacts

Molecular and Cellular Medicine Board (MCMB) Science Contacts

Neurosciences and Mental Health Board (NMHB) Science Contacts

Population and Systems Medicine Board (PSMB) Science Contacts


Methodology Research Panel (MRP)

Scientific contacts:


Biomedical Catalyst: Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme (DPFS)

Scientific contacts:


Regenerative Medicine Research Committee

Scientific enquiries:


MRC/DFID African Research Leaders scheme

Administration and scientific enquiries:


Lifelong Health and Wellbeing (LLHW)

Scientific enquiries:


Global Health Research

Scientific enquiries:


Global Health Trials & Joint Global Health Trials

Scientific enquiries:


Confidence in Concept

Scientific enquiries: DPFS&


Experimental Medicine, Population Sciences and Partnership Initiatives scientific enquiries


Public Health Intervention Development

Scientific enquiries:


UK-China Stem Cell Partnership Initiative

General enquiries:

Scientific aspects of your research proposal:

If you have a query about NSFC funding for this initiative and the requirements for the joint application to NSFC, please visit the NSFC website and contact the initiative’s NSFC contact: Li Wencong


UK’s Clinical Research Capabilities & Technologies


Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD)

General Enquiries to Alex Harris:

Scientific/Remit enquiries of your proposal: Jill Jones


Stratified Medicine

Scientific enquiries:

0207 395 2217


Opportunities to work in the new Research Complex at Harwell

Those intending to apply for funding to work in the RCaH are encouraged to firstly contact.

For queries relating to the facilities available at the RCaH, you may also contact the Director of RCaH, Professor Simon Philips.


Doctoral Training Grants Competition


In Vivo Science Strategic Skills Awards

Proposals for SSAs relating to MRC studentships should be sent to with ‘MRC Strategic Skills Award Application’ clearly marked in the subject line.

SSAs relating to BBSRC studentships should be sent to

MRC studentship holders should contact with all queries related to Strategic Skill Awards. Where possible, queries should be made from a single point of contact per institution.


Industrial CASE studentships

Queries relating to the requirements of the competition


MRC Integrative Toxicology Training Partnership (ITTP) PhD studentship scheme

Enquiries should be sent to Prof Andy Smith


Policy internship scheme


Open Access enquiries

MRC e-Val helpdesk and evaluation enquiries


Press, communications and website enquiries




Press office

Direct line: 020 7395 2345
Out of office hours: 07818 428297


MRC website


Standards of service and complaints
Customer Service


UK Shared Business Services Ltd


UK SBS provides a broad range of expert services which are shared by our customers. This allows our customers the freedom to focus resources on core activities; innovating and transforming their own organisations.


UK SBS Ltd *
North Star House
North Star Avenue
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(*Suppliers should refer to their purchase order for invoicing details)


Je-S help desk

Je-S help pages

01793 44 4164


Pre-award grants enquiries

01793 867018


Post-award grants enquiries

01793 867121


Enquiries about the Shared Business Services

01793 867000


Shared Services - Recruitment


Shared Services - Finance (including invoice queries)


Shared Services - Procurement (including becoming a supplier)


Freedom of information


Request information under the act:
Freedom of Information


The Chief Executive’s office


Linda Willmott, Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive
Telephone: 020 7395 2312
Fax: 020 7395 2421




Ensign Pensions Administration Limited
Leatherhead House
Station Road
KT22 7ET
Telephone: 01372 200275 (9am – 5pm Mon – Fri)


Medical Advice

The MRC is not able to offer medical advice. Instead, please contact NHS Direct:

NHS Direct website
0845 4647


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