Our successes

Policy and engagement

The MRC recognises the great value of engaging with audiences outside of academia, and this is why the MRC strives to embed public engagement and dialogue with policymakers at the heart of everything we do.  

From the centenary open days we held in 2013 to annual science festivals and MP/scientist pairing schemes, MRC researchers engage with the public in varied ways. We encourage our scientists to engage, educate and inspire the public through a variety of activities, such as participating in exhibitions or workshops, giving lectures or being interviewed by the media.

We have a long history of engaging and consulting with parliamentarians. We frequently submit evidence relating to biomedical research to inquiries and consultations by Government departments, Select Committees of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and to other organisations.

MRC-supported research also plays a critical part in shaping and influencing national and international policy, ensuring that public policy decisions and health interventions are based on research of the highest quality. MRC researchers contribute regularly to the development and revision of NICE and WHO clinical guidelines. The MRC has played a leading role in critical areas of research and subsequent policy and strategy development, from our public health work on obesity and smoking to the establishment of UK Biobank.

Further information on our work in public engagement and policy development can be found in the relevant chapters of the MRC outputs report 2012 (PDF, 4.12MB).