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Access, governance and ethics

02-Jun-2014 - and the confidentiality of personal information MRC Good Research Practice sets out the principles researchers should follow to ensure that research

Researchers develop novel test which can tell how well a person is ageing

07-Sep-2015 - A new molecular test which can indicate how well a person is ageing could transform the way ageing is approached in medical research by assessing

Awards and recognition: Research prizes

08-Mar-2016 - Award holders highlighted a large number prizes awarded either to the principal investigators personally or to a member of their team Researchers

Principles of use

19-May-2014 - and impacts from now on referred to as research outcomes or outcomes that arise from their RCUK funded research This information is used

Document marking policy

04-Mar-2014 - The MRC uses the Government security classification  system  to classify and protect the information we handle By marking documents

Freedom of information

04-Mar-2014 - Telephone 01793 416387 If your request relates to your own personal information please visit our Data protection page Charging policy

​Donating brain and spinal cord tissue

10-Jul-2015 - ; you should contact the nearest brain bank  to where you live or nearest to the person who is interested in donating to obtain information about

Data protection

04-Mar-2014 - to information held about them The Data Protection Act 1998 DPA This Act gives individuals the right to see personal information held

1. Who can apply and how to apply

01-Jun-2015 - If the PI wishes to do this they need to contact us see Guidance for MRC award holders for more information An Emeritus Professor can

Discrepancy between our own values and another's can impair lie detection

03-Sep-2015 - One of the key barriers to successfully tell if someone is lying is inconsistency in the opinions between the person trying to detect a lie