Clinical research governance

This section contains guidance and requirements for researchers conducting MRC-funded clinical research.

MRC policy on the health departments research governance frameworks

This page shows requirements under the Health Departments' Research Governance Frameworks for MRC-funded research carried out in universities, NHS Trusts and MRC units. These requirements apply to all clinical research that we support, including that which we co-fund with other organisations. The Health Research Authority is currently developing a replacement for the Research Governance Framework. For further details please see the MRC Regulatory Support Centre page on Sponsorship & indemnity.

MRC policy on UK clinical trials regulations

This page shows our requirements under the UK Clinical Trials Regulations 2004 for MRC-funded researchers in universities and NHS Trusts, and in MRC units. The requirements cover all clinical trials of investigational medicinal products that we support, including those that we co-fund with other organisations.