Oxford Protein Production Facility UK

The Oxford Protein Production Facility-UK (OPPF-UK) is a UK core facility for protein production located in the Research Complex at Harwell.

The facility provides a range of highly specialized technologies incorporating robotic systems to enable the high throughput expression, purification and crystallization of recombinant proteins.

In partnership with UK academic groups, this technology platform is being used to study a large variety of proteins of biomedical interest.

The OPPF-UK in action

Accessing OPPF-UK

OPPF-UK offers parallel vector construction and expression screening and access to high-throughput crystallization using 100 nl sitting drops.

To apply, please register on the OPPF-UK website and complete a proposal form available under the ‘Services’ tab. The OPPF-UK is open to all UK academic groups and the use of our facilities is "free at the point of access".

You can also email the unit.