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How incurable mitochondrial diseases strike previously unaffected families

15 January 2018

The study reveals that healthy people harbour mutations in their mitochondrial DNA and explains how cases of severe mitochondrial disease can appear unexpectedly in previously unaffected families.

Every £1 invested in medical research delivers a return equivalent to 25p every year, forever

10 January 2018

Every pound invested in medical research has delivered an annual return equivalent in value to 25p every year, forever, according to new research co-funded by the MRC.

First ‘cell map’ of 20,000 cells in mammalian embryo

8 January 2018

The new ‘cell map’ reveals all the major cell types present at the early stage of mammalian embryo development, using pioneering single-cell technology to study the genetic activity of over 20,000 individual cells.

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