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Imanova signs collaboration deal with two British universities

16 Dec 2015

Imanova, a world leader in molecular imaging technologies announced two successes this autumn.  Established in 2011, Imanova is the joint venture between the UK's Medical Research Council and three world-class universities: Imperial College London, King’s College London and University College London.

First, Imanova will collaborate with Imperial College as part of Dementias Platform UK (DPUK)’s new imaging network, creating the first nationally co-ordinated PET-MRI network in the world.  DPUK will purchase 5 PET-MRI scanners, one of which will be installed at Imanova in West London. The combined PET and MRI scans will provide researchers and drug developers with a unique tool to better understand disease progression and to monitor the effectiveness of novel therapies. 

Imanova is already involved in the DPUK through the pilot phase of the MRC-NIHR Deep and Frequent Phenotyping study. 

Imanova is also collaborating with Teva Pharmaceuticals and the University of London (UCL) on a study aimed at building a better understanding of the role of Inflammation - and the central role played by microglia - in neurodegenerative disease. Defining reliable biomarkers of microglial activation, and their changes over time, will provide crucial information for developing treatment trials.  Imanova will provide structural and molecular brain imaging with key biomarkers in a study at the Dementia Research Centre (DRC) and University College London (UCL), led by former MRC Clinical Fellow Dr Catherine Mummery.

Image: copyright Imanova 2015


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