National facilities

As well as supporting medically relevant research across the full spectrum of basic molecular and cellular sciences, the Molecular & Cellular Medicine Board has a special role in identifying and delivering – often with co-funding - the generic infrastructures that underpin many other areas of basic and translational medical research.

Facilities supported include:

Mary Lyon Centre - national facility for mouse functional genomics, providing world-class expertise, tools and space to generate mouse models of human disease.

UK Stem Cell Bank - responsible for storing, characterising and supplying ethically-approved, quality-controlled stem cell lines for medical research and treatment.

MRC-Wellcome Trust Human Developmental Biology Resource
- provides tissue resources to researchers studying early human development.

Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH)
- provides the environment and facilities for researchers in the life and physical sciences to undertake research across disciplines and encourage synergy between areas of UK research excellence.

UK Oxford Protein Production Facility (OPPF UK)
- a national resource centre for protein production and crystallization.

Diamond Light Source
UK national synchrotron facility which generates beams of light, from infra-red to X-rays, which are used in a wide range of applications, from structural biology through fundamental physics and chemistry to cultural heritage.

- a European Strategy for Research Infrastructure (ESFRI) partnership whose goal is to promote integrated structural biology research and support access to cutting edge technologies across Europe.

European Bioinformatics Institute
- a centre for research and services in bioinformatics, managing databases of biological data including nucleic acid, protein sequences and macromolecular structures;

UK Biobank
- a prospective cohort initiative of 500,000 people in the UK between the ages of 40-69 to investigate the effects of lifestyle, environment and genetics on health.

Biomedical NMR Centre - national facility for liquid-state NMR studies of biological macromolecules.

High-throughput sequencing hubs - two HTS hubs with technical and bioinformatics support, facilitating access to cutting-edge equipment and dedicated technical and bioinformatics expertise.

electron Bio-Imaging Centre (eBIC) – eBIC is a national facility for electron microscopy as part of the I14 beamline end station at Diamond Light Source. eBIC provides access to state-of-the-art experimental equipment and expertise in cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) and enables single particle analysis of biological macromolecules.