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Molecular & cellular medicine

The molecular and cellular medicine portfolio focuses on basic biological mechanisms or technologies relevant to understanding the aetiology of, or developing treatments for, health and disease. This includes specific responsibility for the MRC’s cancer research portfolio, including basic biology, epidemiology and early translational research.

Remit and scope

Broadly, our portfolio is broken down as follows:

  • Structural biology and biophysics
  • Molecular and functional genetics, epigenetics, genomics
  • Developmental and stem cell biology, and regenerative medicine
  • Molecular haematology
  • Chemical biology
  • Medical bioinformatics
  • Cancer
  • Toxicology, and environment and health
  • Pharmacology
  • New technologies

Funding opportunities

We are keen to support all research that falls within the remit of molecular and cellular medicine. View our current funding opportunities in this area.

In addition, we are keen to encourage high-quality proposals in the following research areas:

Science we support

Our funding can support collaborative, multi-disciplinary research that brings the best expertise and technologies to tackle the major challenges in biomedicine. Find out more about our major strategic investments, current priorities and recent investment highlights.