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Infections & immunity

Applications in the area of infections and immunity are assessed by the MRC's Infections and Immunity Board.

From global infectious diseases to cellular development of the immune system, the Infection and Immunity Board funds high quality, innovative research addressing key elements of our strategic plan: Research Changes Lives. See Resilience, repair and replacement

Our remit is broad and responsive, and we are currently developing plans in a number of key areas, including the MRC’s response to the challenges of antimicrobial resistance, as well as developing our strategy for vaccines and immunotherapies, our fungal disease portfolio and our immune ageing portfolio.  In addition, we aim to build on our excellent global HIV, TB and malaria research by diversifying our global health portfolio.

We are committed to taking multidisciplinary approaches to understanding how the immune system develops, changes with age and is affected by infection.

All applications for funding for new or eisting population cohort studies are required to submit an outline for assessment by the Cohort Strategic Review Group (CSRG). Applications for funding for clinical (ie. patient specific or disease focussed) cohorts need not follow this process

Remit and scope

Broadly, our portfolio is broken down as follows:

  • Basic, clinical and translational research into pathogens implicated in human infectious diseases
  • Research unravelling the complexities of the human immune system in health and disease
  • Global health research that addresses the inequalities in health that arise particularly in poorly resourced countries

Science we support

About our major strategic investments, current priorities and recent investment highlights.