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Researchers create first 3D structures of active DNA

13 March 2017

Scientists have determined the first 3D structures of intact mammalian genomes from individual cells, showing how the DNA from all the chromosomes intricately folds to fit together inside the cell nuclei.

Change to industrial CASE studentships scheme

14 March 2017

A change to the MRC industrial Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering (CASE) studentships scheme will see studentships allocated directly to research organisations for two intake years. 

New Appointments to the Medical Research Council

14 March 2017

Two new members have been appointed to the Council of the Medical Research Council (MRC) by the Minister for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson. Mr Richard Murley has been appointed as a lay member and Dr Pauline Williams has been appointed as an industry member. The appointments are with effect from 1 March 2017.

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