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In 2016/17 the MRC’s gross research expenditure, funded by our BEIS budgetary allocation and contributions from other bodies, was £755.5m, compared to £927.8m in 2015/16. The support for world-class medical research to improve human health and enhance the economic competitiveness of the UK included:

  • £358.3m on grants to researchers in universities, medical schools and research institutes.
  • £159.1m on programmes within the MRC’s own units and institutes including £4.9m on studentships.
  • £160.3m on programmes within university units, including transfer of property, plant and equipment with a net book value of £19.1m.
  • £60.7m on studentships and fellowships in universities, medical schools and research establishments. 
  • £17.1m for international subscriptions.

See page 22 of the MRC Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17 for key facts and figures relating to the MRC’s research spending in 2016/17.