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Consultation and Inquiry submissions

As the UK’s leading publicly funded medical research organisation the MRC frequently submits evidence relating to consultations and inquiries. Written submissions to Parliamentary Select Committees, Government and other organisations are available in this section.

Our submissions from 2010 onwards are available on this page.

If available, a link is provided to the submission. If the submission has been made jointly with another organisation you may be redirected. For example, all joint RCUK submissions are published on the RCUK website.

Full transcripts of written or oral evidence relating to our parliamentary submissions can be found on the Parliamentary website.

For pre-2001 submissions, please contact:

MRC Information Officer: corporate@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk

Recent submissions

Requesting body

Title of consultation/inquiry
(submission date)

Nuffield Council for Bioethics Call for evidence on issues arising in relation to genome editing (PDF, 77KB) (Feb 2016)
House of Lords Science & Technology Committee Inquiry on the relationship between EU membership and UK science (Nov 2015)

Business, Innovation and Skills Committee

Inquiry on the digital economy (Oct 2015)

House of Commons Science & Technology Committee

Big Data Dilemma Inquiry (Sept 2015)

Higher Education Funding Council for England 

Good Practice in Knowledge Exchange: Request for Evidence (July 2015)

2015-2016 submissions

Requesting body Title of consultation/inquiry
(submission date)
British Academy Call for evidence on interdisciplinary (July 2015)
Migration Advisory Committee Consultation on the minimum income level for migrant workers (July 2015)
European Commission Consultation on the ex-post evaluation of FP7 (May 2015)
Business, Innovation and Skills Consultation on support for postgraduate study (May 2015)
Academy of Medical Sciences Health of the public in 2040 ‘call for input’ (May 2015)

2014-2015 submissions

Requesting body Title of consultation/inquiry
(submission date)
Royal Academy of Engineering Dowling Review of collaborations between businesses and universities (March 2015)
Public Health England Consultation on draft strategy for research, development and innovation (March 2015)
European Commission Consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy (October 2014)
Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry on Sustainable Development Goals (October 2014)
European Commission Consultation on ‘Science 2.0’: Science in Transition (October 2014)
The House of Lords Committee on Digital Skills Call for evidence: Digital skills in the UK (September 2014)
House of Commons International Development Committee Beyond Aid: The Future UK Approach to Development (September 2014)
Nuffield Council on Bioethics Project on the culture of scientific research  (PDF, 59KB)(September 2014)

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