About us

MRC brand guidelines

Every MRC communication is an opportunity to influence how external audiences see the organisation. Our communications should convey the MRC’s values and aims through their visual style and content. These guidelines aim to ensure consistency in how the MRC brand identity is communicated.


Why we have this cohesive branding strategy and how it helps to deliver our values and aims.


All the information needed on how to embed our logos into your documents.


Typefaces and colour palette


Details on the MRC's corporate typefaces.

Colour palette

Details on our colour scheme and how to use it.



An image can say a thousand words, so it's important to choose well. This section provides guidance, ground rules and some useful links.


A series of pre-designed master MRC templates for you to download for your stationery needs.

MRC Festival

MRC Festival Visual Identity Guidelines

Download templates to promote your MRC Festival activities.