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Helping our researchers

Sometimes we need help from members of the public to complete a research project. Our public participation and citizen science projects would welcome your involvement.

There are also opportunities to meet MRC researchers, to ask them about their work and to share your ideas with them at the MRC Festival, science fairs  and public events, organised by MRC establishments all over the UK and in Africa.

Worm Watch Lab

Researchers at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology watch movies of a worm called a nematode to help them understand how the brain works and how genes affect behaviour. We need people to help identify which movies include worms laying eggs. Whether the worms are laying eggs or not is linked to their genes. If you take part you’ll be asked to watch a short video online to spot which worms are laying eggs.

Hunt for eggs at: www.wormwatchlab.org

Learn about the project’s success Worm Watch Lab: one year on.

A Century of Amplified Music

This online experiment, part of our centenary year programme of activities in 2013, has now collected all the data the researchers need. However, you can still have a go at the test.

Take the test at: A Century of Amplified Music

Researchers at the MRC Institute of Hearing Research are investigating whether a lifetime of loud music leads to hearing loss, and if so they expect to see a correlation between the participants’ reported previous listening habits and current hearing abilities.

The researchers asked as many people as possible - young or old and with a wide variety of musical experiences and hearing abilities - to go online and tell them about their listening habits and complete a very quick assessment of their hearing for speech in a background of noise.

To learn the results visit The nation’s hearing – has it all gone a bit Pete Tong?

The project was funded by the Medical Research Foundation.