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Mathematics predicts the molecular biology of cells

20 February 2017

Scientists at Heriot-Watt University, and funded through the Next Generation Optical Microscopy Initiative led by the MRC, have challenged a long-held theory about the way cells behave on the nanoscale, which could revolutionise future research into diabetes and neurological treatments. 

HIV attack on brain cells points to new dementia treatments

17 February 2017

Scientists have discovered that a protein closely involved in AIDS-related dementia could provide clues for treating other forms of dementia.

Priming Food Partnerships: Addressing challenges faced by the UK's Food and Drink Industry

10 February 2017

Three new multidisciplinary projects involving collaborations between academic and industry partners have been recommended for funding of a share of £1m to carry out research to stimulate technological advances that can deliver healthy nutrition for consumers.

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