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International impact

29 September 2016

In the two years since it began, the Newton Fund has grown from strength to strength, expanding to a seven year, £735m UK investment, with partner countries providing matched resources. Isabel Baker tracked down some of the globe-trotting MRC awardees to find out how their projects are progressing.

Regenerative Medicine Conference highlights progress being made in fast-growing field

21 September 2016

The inaugural UK Regenerative Medicine Conference opens its doors to leading scientists this week, showcasing the outstanding research that makes the UK a world leader in this fast-moving field. 

Prizes for collaborative regenerative medicine researchers

20 September 2016

The UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) has awarded special merit prizes to two postdoctoral researchers who have demonstrated outstanding work on leading creative new approaches to help members of the Platform work together effectively and accelerate discovery.

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