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Medical research delivers benefits across the whole spectrum of society, from its primary aim of improving human health to creating a skilled workforce, growing innovative businesses and generating inward investment for the UK. These benefits are realised by means of a variety of channels, from the publication of research to engagement with the public and policymakers, interactions with industry and commercial exploitation resulting in the generation of products and intellectual property.

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Evaluation programme

ResearchFish is the main evaluation tool we useto capture and measure the achievements and impact of MRC research. We also produce an annual economic impact report, which includes metrics agreed with BIS and the other research councils to measure specific aspects of research council impact.

Economic Impact Report 2013/14

The MRC Economic Impact Report is part of the research councils’ performance management framework required by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and has been published each year since 2005. 

Industry and collaborations

We have close relationships with industry, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and other government departments, medical research charities, universities, research councils and the international community to ensure that research efforts are coordinated and complementary, and that capability is established in vital areas.

Products and intellectual property

A significant impact of our research is the development of products and techniques — ranging from drugs, biomarkers, diagnostic tests and imaging techniques to medical devices, surgical interventions and public health interventions — and the generation of intellectual property. 

Policy and engagement

We engage with audiences outside of academia, including the public and parliamentarians.