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Entrepreneurial scientists bag prizes at business competition

15 December 2014

The winning team of this year’s biotechnology YES competition included 3 MRC-funded students from Leicester. Ricki, Zoe and Munisha will now present at the Rice Business Plan competition in the United States to further develop their knowledge of start-up companies.

World’s first artificial enzymes created using synthetic biology

1 December 2014

Medical Research Council (MRC) scientists have created the world’s first enzymes made from artificial genetic material. Their synthetic enzymes, which are made from molecules that do not occur anywhere in nature, are capable of triggering chemical reactions in the lab.

World’s largest collection of deprioritised pharma compounds opens to researchers

8 December 2014

A collection of 68 deprioritised pharmaceutical compounds is being made available to academic researchers through a partnership between the Medical Research Council and seven global drug companies, the largest of its kind in the world.

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