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Tackling AMR Theme 2: Accelerating therapeutic and diagnostics development EOI

  • Status: Closed
  • Open date: 15 Jun 2014
  • Closing date: 02 Sep 2014 16:00 GMT+1
  • Type: Calls

Focus of the call

This is a broad theme encompassing the development, scale up and manufacture of new antibiotic therapies and the diagnostics required to better target new and existing therapies and to monitor spread.

This theme will aim to:

  • refresh the pipeline for human and animal antibiotics;
  • underpin the development of rapid, point of care diagnostics to enable the most appropriate  therapy to be chosen;
  • develop new non-drug based treatments that can avoid resistance;
  • develop innovative diagnostics data linkages for community settings to monitor spread;
  • improve the efficacy of drug delivery to maximise the dose to infected cells while minimising exposure and thereby the development of resistance;
  • accelerate the scale-up and manufacture of novel antibiotics and vaccines; and
  • consider the role of existing and new business models in encouraging innovation.

Research in this theme will be inherently multidisciplinary and will involve bacteriologists, drug developers, chemists, synthetic biologists, materials scientists, mathematicians, engineers and economists.  Partnership between industry and academia will be encouraged to accelerate the translation of novel therapies and diagnostic sensing systems.

Strategic Objectives

The objectives of the call are to support proposals that would address the AMR initiative - theme 2.

Proposals should:

  • Be innovative and with clear potential to make a distinct contribution alongside what is already being pursued in industry and internationally;
  • Bring together multidisciplinary teams;
  • Provide the tools and technologies needed for therapeutic development;
  • Have strong engagement with industry and the relevant private sector (e.g. private sector for scale up and manufacture of small molecules therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics);

Or have the clear potential (in their scientific approach / visibility / structure) to attract new partnerships with the private sector;

  • Attract new investments from the relevant industry (pharma, SME, diagnostics, amongst others)
  • Build on UK research excellence in bacteriology, drug development, chemistry, synthetic biology, materials science, mathematics, , engineering and economic science.

Available funds and types of awards

Funds will be available to support research consortia (~£3m each) over 4-5 year period, offering scope, breadth and flexibility in addressing the aims of theme 2. Consortia Grants will support high quality innovative research conducted by inter-disciplinary teams of researchers. Research Consortia will add value by contributing to the overall strategic aims of theme 2 of the AMR initiative and addressing key research challenges within the specific priority areas highlighted.

Research Consortia will involve strategic partnerships with other sectors such as practitioners, policy makers, industry and the public, as appropriate. In addition to carrying out high quality research, Research Consortia will build research capability and capacity in addressing the AMR challenge by attracting existing expertise into the area.

Expression of Interest

Given the broad nature of this call and the need to develop new partnerships and collaborations, we are inviting all interested parties who have relevant experience including those who have not previously worked within this area to submit an expression of interest (EoI) outlining what their potential contribution would be to the field.  We will then invite interested individuals from a broad range of disciplines to one or more targeted workshops to encourage innovative thinking, networking of participants and development of proposals.  The workshops will take place in London (November 2014-March 2015).  Following on from this, we will then invite outline proposals to develop their consortia further.

How to submit an EoI

Applicants should structure their EoI under each of the headings below, using the descriptions as guidance. The EoI may be up to two A4 pages in length using Verdana 10pt typeface with margins of 1.5cms and single line spacing. No additional annexes are allowed.

  1. Title of the Proposal
  2. Principal Investigator

Name + Research Organisation + contact email/phone

  1. Research groups involved

If you are already involved in a broad research team, please explain who will be involved in this research highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of the research.

  1. Research expertise and how you can contribute to the aims of AMR theme 2

Broadly describe your research experience and how you can contribute to the multidisciplinary nature of this research challenge.

Expression of interest will need to be submitted by email to by 2 September 2014, 4pm.

Key dates

The following dates are for reference only and will be confirmed at a later stage:

AMR Theme 2 Consortia grants
Task Date
Launch call 16 June 2012
Expression of Interest deadline 2 September 2014
Steering Group to discuss EoI applications October 2014
Networking workshops November 2014 - March 2015 (tbc)
Outline for consortia deadline May 2015 (tbc)
Full application for consortia deadline September / October 2015 (tbc)
Expert Panel & Steering Group to make funding decision on full applications March / April 2016 (tbc)

All enquiries should be directed in the first instance to the Medical Research Council:

Contact: Ghada Zoubiane