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Evidence of changes to children's brain rhythms following 'brain training'

23 August 2016

New research questions the strong claims that have been made about the benefits of ‘brain training’ – enhanced mental skills, a boost to education, improved clinical outcomes and sharper everyday functioning.

World's most in depth study to detect early signs of Alzheimer's disease

22 August 2016

A new multimillion pound study, will see the most thorough and rigorous series of tests to detect Alzheimer’s disease ever performed on volunteers. The Deep and Frequent Phenotyping study hopes to dramatically improve the success rate of clinical trials for treatments in Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers identify gene associated with age-related hearing loss

17 August 2016

A large screening programme has identified several genes associated with age-related conditions including hearing loss, retinal degeneration and osteoarthritis. 

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