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We support research across the entire spectrum of medical sciences,
in universities and hospitals, in our own units, centres and institutes in the UK,
and in our units in Africa.


Study identifies new way to kill the malaria parasite

7 July 2015

Scientists have discovered how the malaria parasite uses a protein to survive in the blood stream of its victims, a discovery that could pave the way to new treatments. 

Encouraging results for gene therapy trial for CF

3 July 2015

A therapy that replaces the faulty gene responsible for cystic fibrosis in patients’ lungs has produced encouraging results in a major UK trial.

Intrusiveness of old emotional memories can be reduced by computer game play procedure

2 July 2015

New research from the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit shows that even once memories have been laid down, playing a visually-demanding computer game after the intrusive memories are reactivated may ultimately reduce their occurrence over time.

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Max Perutz competition now open!

This year’s MRC Max Perutz Science Writing Award, in association with BBC News, has now opened to all MRC-funded PhD students.

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