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This section contains important information about our research activities, including; strategic priorities , a portfolio of our current research , the MRC research boards, panels and groups , our units, centres and institutes and extensive research guidance .

MRC strategic plan
Our high level long term priorities for the next five years
Research initiatives
Overview of different research areas we fund
Success rate and grant funding
Success rates, grants awarded, government funding and objectives
Global health research
Information on the MRC’s Global Health activities
Facts and figures
How much we spend on research, how many grants we award, access to our annual report and accounts
Research portfolios
Find out who is carrying out what research and where
Boards, panels and groups
Information on our research boards, overview groups and panels
Institutes, Units and Centres
Our units, centres and institutes in the UK and Africa
Resources and services
Practical resources to help our scientists in their work
Ethics and research policy
How we ensure our work is of a high scientific standard, safe and compliant
Career development
What medical research involves and what it can offer as a career
Partnerships with Industry
How we help turn the outcomes of the research we fund into commercial products and benefits for society