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Resources and services

The MRC funds a wide range of practical resources to help our scientists in their work.

OPPF-UK: Oxford Protein Production Facility UK
OPPF is a National Resource Centre for protein production and crystallization. It is located in the Research Complex at Harwell, adjacent to the Diamond Light Source.
Shared Ageing Research Models (ShARM UK)
UK scientists studying the biology of ageing are to benefit from a new resource to share tissues and make the most of every mouse bred for ageing research.
Instruct Integrating European Infrastructure for Structural Biology
Instruct is the dynamic hub of structural biology; integrating the infrastructure of expertise, technology platforms and education to further the frontiers of science
CGAT (Computational Genomics Analysis and Training)
CGAT is a training and analysis programme for next-generation sequencing data. It is hosted within the MRC Functional Genomics Unit at Oxford University
Clinical trials tool kit
One-stop online information resource for researchers carrying out UK publicly funded clinical trials
Clinical practice research database
The MRC license allows the UK research community free access to this database of primary care records the largest of its kind in the world
Health and Safety
The MRC has a comprehensive Health and Safety programme
High Throughput Sequencing Hubs
Facilitating access to cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) equipment and dedicated technical and bioinformatics expertise to allow biomedical and clinical researchers to fully realise the potential of these approaches
MRC Technology
The MRC owns the intellectual property rights on discoveries made by scientists employed in our units and institutes. We commercialise these findings by licensing them to industry through MRC Technology, our affiliated technology transfer company
MRC/Wellcome Human developmental biology resource
Collection of human tissue available to developmental biologists on application
The Mary Lyon Centre
State of the art facility providing mouse mutagenesis, characterisation and breeding services
The Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH)
This new research complex will provide facilities for both life and physical scientists to undertake new and cutting edge scientific research
UK Brain Banks network
The UK Brain Banks network will provide brain tissue to scientists and clinicians to undertake cutting edge research into any aspect of the neurosciences.
UK Stem cell bank
Ethically approved, quality-controlled stem cell lines for use in approved medical research and therapeutic application
UK Dementias Research Platform
The MRC UK Dementias Research Platform aims to create a unique, single cohort-based platform for the investigation of dementia.