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The UK Brain Banks Network

The MRC has led an initiative that established an independent and coordinated UK Network of Brain Tissue Banks.  The UK Brain Banks Network will provide high quality brain tissue to scientists and clinicians to carry out cutting edge neurosciences research, and will support major initiatives on research into neurological disorders, including the aims of the Ministerial Action Group on Dementia Research.

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About the UK Brain Banks network
Brain banking - science
Database of tissues
Future plans for the UK Brain Banks network
Governance of the UK Brain Banks network
How to access brain tissue for research
How to donate brain tissue for research
Tissue and operational quality measures
Workshops/training days/approved documents

Speeding up the search for brain samples

Human brain research made easier by database

MRC to fund retrieval, transport and diagnosis of donated brains

Director of the Network

Professor Seth Love (University of Bristol) took up post as Director of the Network in October 2013. He runs an independently constituted and funded Co-ordinating Centre that links the activities of all 10 major brain banks in the UK, including those funded by MRC and those supported through UKCRC partner charity funding and NHS/NIHR.

Brain and the senses - achievements and impact

The Brain: MRC research for lifelong health, publication, 2009
This booklet explores what the brain is, how it works, and how MRC funded research is helping us to understand more about it.