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MRC Data Support Service

The MRC Data Support Service project works to facilitate and support data sharing for population and patient studies, in order to optimise the long-term use of rich data assets for new science.

The project works closely with MRC data managers to coordinate and promote work on data sharing tools and standards and to promote the exchange of good practice.


During the third phase of the MRC Data Support Service project we worked with the 15 largest MRC-funded (and co-funded) cohort studies, which in 2009/10 had a combined annual expenditure of 10.4m.


Key achievements were:



During this phase, a consortium of the Science and Technology Facilities Council, University College London and Oxford University, in collaboration with five MRC-funded case studies, developed a prototype online gateway for the discovery of MRC-funded population and patient studies and their variables with a Directory of MRC population cohort datasets. Data sharing policy guidance for population and cohort studies was also developed.


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