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MRC Network Contents Spring 2014

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Futuristic robotic arms, vibratomes and sound rings all feature in our tour of some MRC scientific workshops, making unusual custom-made kit to enable pioneering medical research.


A feature on living healthier for longer brings updates from the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing initiative, supporting innovative ageing research to help work out how we can extend our working lives in a practical way.


In a work space filled with art and unique furnishings, Professor Ian Deary explains the stories behind his beautiful paintings and why he prefers to read standing up.


What is it like to be an MRC director? Professor Susan Gathercole gives us an insight into her working life, sharing her career highlights, exciting cognition research developments and love of writing along the way.


Professors Jill Pell and Liam Smeeth voice their opinions on how medical records can be handled safely to improve the services provided to patients and the population as a whole.


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£39.1m for improving data research

Science festival fun

Letís talk about dementia



Dr Jane Cope on the power of persuasion


Latest discoveries

Folic acid could suppress Parkinsonís disease

New clues to how bacteria evade antibiotics



New biological imaging at Diamond

Funding five more years of research



Made to measure

Living healthier for longer

My work space: Professor Ian Deary

Working life: Professor Susan Gathercole

Opinion: Sharing data saves lives


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