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Global scientific community commits to sharing data on Zika

11 February 2016

Leading global health bodies including academic journals, NGOs, research funders and institutes, have committed to sharing data and results relevant to the current Zika crisis and future public health emergencies as rapidly and openly as possible.

New MRC Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Aberdeen

5 February 2016

The new MRC Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Aberdeen will spearhead innovative research and training to generate knowledge that will improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of fungal diseases. 

MRC launches Rapid Response to fast-track Zika research

3 February 2016

Through the MRC's ‘Rapid Response’ mechanism, up to £1 million will be made available to fast track research applications to investigate the nature of the Zika virus, its transmission and the potential links to neurological conditions including microcephaly.

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New MRC Talks podcast

In Episode 6, we look at how the MRC is working with industry; hear about Professor Sir Brian Greenwood’s career across Africa and his impact on reducing malaria deaths; and interview this year's Max Perutz Award winner Emily Eisner, moments after collecting her award.

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