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We support research across the entire spectrum of medical sciences,
in universities and hospitals, in our own units, centres and institutes in the UK,
and in our units in Africa.


MRC and UCB join forces to offer access to UCB’s novel antibody discovery platform

27 March 2015

The MRC and global pharmaceutical company UCB are to launch a collaboration that will provide UK scientists with access to cutting-edge technologies to discover new monoclonal antibodies. 

New scheme to boost partnerships between academia and industry

27 March 2015

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has launched a targeted initiative to help researchers in universities and industry work together in new and innovative models for collaboration.

A new Cross-Council vision for Food, Nutrition and Health research

27 March 2015

The MRC, BBSRC and ESRC have today published a Cross-Council vision for Food, Nutrition and Health research, which recognises that partnership working is needed to fully support integrative research and a whole system approach.

FUNDING: Science areas

Researchers can apply for MRC grant funding at any time.


Improving cross-sector comparisons: Beyond QALY

The MRC and NIHR invite applications to conduct research into the possibility of creating a measure of quality of life or wellbeing, which would have utility across health and social care.

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