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Industrial CASE studentships

Industrial CASE studentships

The Medical Research Council is committed to developing and sustaining a close and productive alignment with industry in the UK. As part of that commitment the MRC will fund approximately 30-35 individual Industrial CASE PhD studentships each year. We aim to award at least five of these to Small & Medium Sized Enterprises, which we successfully exceeded in the last three years following the introduction of more flexible requirements for SME partners.


RCUK Vision for Collaborative Training

All Research Councils have agreed a shared vision for Collaborative Training: Research Council Collaborative Training will provide doctoral students with a first-rate, challenging research training experience, within the context of a mutually beneficial research collaboration between academic and partner organisations in the private, public and civil society sectors.


Each Industrial CASE student will have two committed PhD supervisors, one academic and one from the non-academic partner. Both partners will make an important contribution to the training of the student: they will offer their outstanding student an experience of two distinct research cultures and access to a wider than usual range of technology, facilities and expertise. The student will benefit from a diversity of experimental approaches, while undertaking cutting-edge hypothesis driven research with a translational and perhaps clinical dimension.


On completing their PhD, the student will have gained advanced research and generic skills that should enhance their future employability. Many will become research leaders in the future.


Open to applications from scientists within:

  • UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs),
  • Research Council Institutes,
  • Independent Research Organisations (IROs),
  • Companies with an established UK-based research and/or commercial production capability,
  • Other non-academic partner organisations able to provide students with distinctive research training and experience not available in an academic setting.


Funding for MRC studentships is provided to research organisations, such as universities, who select outstanding candidates for projects with leading researchers. We do not fund students directly, so prospective students should contact the institution at which they wish to study.


Applications must demonstrate a relevance to MRC’s health mission


Non-Academic Partner Commitment

All Industrial CASE student are based at the academic institution, but must spend a minimum cumulative period of three months during the studentship with the non-academic partner. This 3 month period can be at any point during the studentship and may consist of a number of shorter visits if appropriate. The non-academic partner is required to ensure that sufficient time is allocated during the placement to fulfill all aspects of the training being provided. Further non-academic partner responsibilities are listed in the. Industry CASE competition Guidance Notes.


Submitting Your Application

Applicants should ensure that they have read the MRC Industrial CASE Scheme Guidance Notes before completing their application.


Proposals should be submitted through the Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) system.


Proposals also require a number of document attachments:

  • Company details: exactly 1 – please ensure to use the template provided
  • Case for support form: exactly 1 – please ensure to use the template provided
  • A covering letter may also be submitted if desired


The dates for the 2014 call will advertised in Spring 2014.



MRC contact: For queries relating to the requirements of the competition please email



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