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MRC/ESRC Interdisciplinary Post-doctoral Fellowships

This fellowship programme is now closed for applications and is only available for reference purposes.


MRC and ESRC are committed to promoting interdisciplinary research training and continue to welcome applications that allow candidates to develop research skills that successfully combine the approaches of the medical and social sciences.

The ESRC/MRC Interdisciplinary Post-doctoral Fellowship Competition is not being operated for 2012/13 and has been superseded by new arrangements, as follows.


For 2012 applications for research fellowships at the interface of the Medical Research Council and Economic and Social Research Council, which would previously have been submitted under the ESRC/MRC Interdisciplinary Post-doctoral Fellowships scheme, are encouraged to apply to the most appropriate Research Council via the following routes:


MRC Strategic Skills fellowships early career applications are welcome to the following schemes:

  • MRC Career development award in biostatistics
  • Population Health Scientist Fellowship
  • Early career fellowship on economics of health

See the MRC Fellowhips page for details of each scheme


ESRC Future Leaders Scheme


Interdisciplinary applications to these schemes must include research that is of interest to both councils and which requires training and application of methodologies of both the medical and social & economic sciences. Applications are particularly encouraged via the routes above in several joint MRC and ESRC priority areas:

  • Understanding individual behaviour and informing interventions
  • Analysis of large or complex datasets (including mixed methods development)
  • Lifelong health and wellbeing
  • Disease prevention and health promotion


Following submission of eligible interdisciplinary applications to either council, the MRC and ESRC will, where appropriate, jointly assess and fund these proposals under an extension of the cross-council funding agreement. Any jointly funded fellowships will be offered under the standard terms and conditions of the awarding council.


Interdisciplinary medical/social science applications for MRC Strategic Skills Fellowships

Interdisciplinary medical/social science applications for an early career MRC Strategic Skills Fellowship must contain research of which at least 50% is within the remit of the MRC, but should be truly interdisciplinary and inclusive of the approaches of both disciplines. Applications are welcome from post-doctoral medical or social science graduates as well as clinical, primary care, and allied health professional researchers from any sub-discipline of the social or medical sciences, providing the resulting fellowship is interdisciplinary.


In a change to the superseded ESRC/MRC Interdisciplinary Post-doctoral Fellowships, applications to the MRC are expected to be three years in duration, with the majority of that time spent on research and research training. Writing up prior work is not an appropriate component of a fellowship application.


Interdisciplinary fellowships are not appropriate for pre-doctoral candidates. Applicants should have submitted or completed a social or medical science PhD or professional doctorate and must meet the normal eligibility criteria of the fellowship scheme through which they are applying.


Individuals who have previously held an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship are not eligible to apply.


Candidates wishing to be considered for an interdisciplinary MRC/ESRC fellowship should clearly indicate this in their proposal title and at the beginning of their Case for Support.


All applications for fellowships will need to be submitted through the Je-S system, please see scheme specific guidance for more details.


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