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Grants - award guidance

Post-award administration of all grants and fellowships is carried out by the RCUK Shared Service Centre. Award documentation is prepared by the Grants Pre-Award team. Once the award has started, all administration is carried out by the Grants Post-Award team.


You can use the Research Councils’ Joint electronic submissions (Je-S) to manage your current MRC grants. We would like all grant holders to use Je-S in this way to request:

  • Update of Research Organisation grant reference
  • Grant title change
  • Grant extension
  • Extensions to deliverable due dates (for example, final expenditure statements)
  • Grant suspension
  • Grant resumption
  • Grant termination
  • Grant transfer
  • Grant holder change


You can also make a ‘generic change request’ for any other type of change not covered in the list.


Instructions on how to use Je-S to make these requests are available in the Je-S help text. You’ll be notified of the outcome of your request via email rather than through Je-S.


MRC does not routinely extend awards, except for maternity leave, gaps in employment or staggered start dates. Extensions for these reasons may be requested in Je-S.


In exceptional circumstances, where delays have been encountered which were outside the control of the grant holder and which seriously threaten delivery of a significant proportion of the science outlined in the original application, we may consider extending the grant. In these circumstances, a grant extension should be requested in Je-S.


Extensions will not be granted to use up underspend, start new scientific work that was not outlined in the original application or to prepare new grant applications or publications.


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