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MRC Council - Declarations of Interest

In line with the MRC Code of Practice, Council members are required to declare any private, professional or commercial interests that might, or that might be perceived to, conflict with the MRC’s interests. Read more about Declarations of Interest policy.

The categories of declared interests are as follows. Where an interest has been reported by a member, it is shown under their name with the category title.

  • Personal remuneration (employment, pensions, consultancies, directorships, honoraria, etc).
  • Registerable shareholdings and financial interests in companies. Research income during current session (over £50,000 per grant).
  • Major academic collaborations (national and international).
  • Unremunerated involvement with and membership of medical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, healthcare provision or similar activities/organisations.
  • Political/pressure group associations.

Last updated March 2013

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